About the photographer

Julie recently moved to North West Georgia (just south of Chattanooga) in a little town named Chickamauga! She more than often takes clients in her Atlanta studio. She is married, the mother of four daughters and works full time in photography as well as with commercial video. 

These sessions are a celebration of who you are right now. They are not limited to those who are engaged, married or in any relationship! Everyone needs to feel sexy and these sessions provide exactly that. Julie will meet with you before your session to talk about wardrobe and style. Everyone isn’t the same in the bedroom and her goal is to bring out your personality. Whether it be a bright and airy session or something moody and darker, your session will reflect your uniqueness!

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Julie Hunter has been a professional photographer & videographer for almost 15 years.
She currently lives near Chattanooga, TN but travels upon request. 

To see more of her family style work : juliehuntermedia.com.
To see her commercial style : http://creativeroadmedia.com/