couples session

Love is Love

Valentina + Astrid in Love is Love

I wanted to do a “Love is Love” shoot for a while, so when I brought up the idea and Julie said she was interested, that was all I needed to hear. Seeing Julie’s style was exactly what I had envisioned. I was able to work alongside with fellow model Astrid to show the beauty of love and that our love (the love between two women) looks the no different from any other couple. Love looks the same no matter the gender. Julie managed to perfectly capture the beauty, elegance and sensuality. Doing this shoot was everything I didn’t know I needed, it was fun, comforting and so so worth it. She has a way of truly helping you see a whole new side of yourself.
- Candida Valentina
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(The other model featured is Astrid Kallsen. You can find more of her here.) 

WARNING: There are a ton of amazing photos in this gallery. I couldn't pick just a few.