male portraits

Why I Don't "Dudedoir"

So, a post/article goes up and is instantly viral because it is a guy in no shirt and overalls pouring milk over his body while he strikes a pose or now a guy who is doing the "basic" poses with a Starbucks cup/bottle/everything.

I shoot males and I want to empower them just as much as I want to empower women. I don't do pinup as its realllllllly not my vibe. I bring this up because yet another post is going viral and I'm sure you are going to see it if you haven't already floating around Facebook. While yes, he's attractive and all - the idea of the shoot is complete mockery. I borrowed some words from a facebook group where I am a member. I would really like to know what you think of this.

"Actually, we aren't okay with "hilarious dudedoir" around here, for MANY reasons. First, it makes a complete mockery of boudoir, and women's empowerment. Second, it makes a complete mockery of men's intimate portraiture. Third, it makes a joke out of men of size that are already marginalized and under represented in sexy images, making it even harder for them to find the courage to experience boudoir, and nearly impossible for photographers to book clients like this. And before anyone @s me to tell me to get a sense or humor, and it's just for fun, it isn't. It demeans our entire industry, regardless of the intentions."

"Men deserve to feel sexy too. Not "Dudedoir" that basically makes fun of men attempting to be sexy while doing feminine posing. But real, masculine posing that embodies the male spirit and sexuality." (I'll follow up by saying if a male is more of a femme spirit, that is different - she isn't trying to speak on the queer community but more of heteros mocking).

AND maybe the most important: "As a man with body image issues this does not make me laugh. I went to camp and hid from most of the people who asked me to pose. My biggest fear was that I would look like a joke because of the way I look. I have fought with body issues, and suffered through an abusive relationship which fed my issues even more. I'm trying hard to push through and love myself, but things like this really don't help. I'm not upset it was posted, but I think its something people should consider before posting stuff like this. It's hard to talk about because as a man I'm supposed to just suck it up and not have body issues."

However, I definitely shoot male boudoir. Male intimate portraiture. Or however you want to call it. But please, don't call it "dudedoir."