From Whitney M.

I have always loved to model but never really felt like I had the talent to do so. When I first met Julie we had a photo shoot outside in 20 degree weather. Julie made me so comfortable, that I didn’t even realize how cold it was until the shoot was over.  I was so nervous at first because I knew that Julie was the best photographer in Atlanta. It was my very first photo shoot since I was little and I thought I was going to mess it all up. I felt like I had no idea what to do and I was just setting myself up for failure. Julie helped me in every way possible. I didn’t know what to wear, or how to pose. Julie jumped right in and started shooting. If I needed to be positioned a different way, she told me. Once I saw the first couple of pictures on her camera I felt so much better. Julie definitely knew how to make me feel more comfortable, and she knew what she was doing.  Once we started shooting she made me feel like I had been modeling for so many years, but I knew who the real professional was. I have had many photo shoots after that. Julie made me have so much more confidence in myself. She knows exactly how to make a woman appreciative of what she has. If I had an idea of what kind of shoot I wanted to do, Julie was on board with what I wanted. Julie is not only one of the best photographers around, but also knows how to please her clients and makes them feel so beautiful. Confidence is sexy, and Julie gives confidence to people which in return makes the end result exactly what the client looks for.

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