From Meri E

There is a lot of pressure on a woman these days to look perfect, to be super thin, to fit a mold that perhaps she cannot - or wants not - to fit into. That's where Julie comes in. Cue the sexy, because I promise that after a session with her, that's exactly how you will feel. And guess what? It will be your OWN brand of sexy, not what some stranger expects you to be. I think that's my favorite part of working with Julie - no matter what, she leaves you with a smile on your face and an, "Oh my gosh, I didn't know I could look so damn good!" In our sessions, she has highlighted and accentuated those best parts of my body that I love most. She uses my smile, my expressions, and my personality to bring a little something extra to the photographs, so that the end result has always exceeded my expectations. I always feel comfortable with Julie, and she is personable with her clients in what may be a potentially uncomfortable situation for some. After all, these are boudoir photos! If you want to feel as glamorous as a movie star and as sexy as a model, I would highly recommend Julie [Hunter] for a boudoir session!


Naturally Boudoir

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