$500 Product Credit + Free Mobile App

The most savings all year long!! You won’t see another sale like this until the next Black Friday!



That's a very easy answer. All you have to do is choose your session date, pay the session fee of $500 and then your credit is automatically applied. If you already know what products you want and you choose to pre-pay in full prior to your session date, you can save an additional 15% off of your product total.

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(Unaware of my products? Check this out for SPECIAL SUMMER SPECIAL product deals)

**BONUS** Everyone who signs up for a Summer Session and makes a purchase of ANY item will receive a free mobile app with up to 25 web size images you can view on your phone and share to your social media pages. (These images will not be large enough to print).

*IF you live outside of the Atlanta/Chattanooga area, there might be a small travel fee.*

ANY session date that has to be rescheduled will be subject to a possible additional session fee. Payment plans are available through Paypal Credit.

July 18, 19 August 15, 16, 22, 23 Sept 6, 12, 13

I look forward to working with you soon! 

TL;DR: The Summer deal is pay the $500 session fee, get $500 product credit. Pay in full prior to your session, get ANOTHER 15% off. With any purchase, get a free mobile app of your images.


  1. Can I use this on a single or a couple’s session? YES

  2. Can I use this toward a maternity session? YES

  3. Do I have to make a product purchase or can I just get the session with mobile app? YES, you have to make a product purchase in order to get the free mobile app add-on. (But, there is no minimum purchase.)

  4. Can I pre-pay for products? YES, you will receive an additional savings of 15% if you purchase the products PRIOR to your session!

  5. Do you offer payment plans? YES, through Paypal Credit.

  6. How many Summer Specials will you offer? As many as I have dates available! (Only book max of 2 per date).

  7. Do you travel outside of the Atlanta / Chattanooga area? YES, I do. You might be subject to additional travel fees.

  8. Can I use the mobile app to share my images on my social media? YES

  9. Can I print from the mobile app? NO

  10. Are you available during the week? YES, I prefer all sessions to be booked during the week. But, I can work around some schedules.

  11. What if I need to reschedule after paying? Once you book a boudoir session, the venue/studio is booked as well as the stylist. Any rescheduling will result in additional booking fees. ($250 for each new date that will not be applicable to product purchases.)